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Jun. 21st, 2011

kirsten dunst, window

layout coding help?

I'm still new with all of this, and even though I've coded my own layouts in Elsewhere I'm not sure how I could do it with Livejournal. So is there anyone who could do the coding (and maybe the layout, but I could do the header if you can't do that or don't have time). Atleast I find my layout kinda boring, which is also because I'd like to have some kind of uniqueness in my layout and not share it with thousands of people...
So I would really appreciate any help with coding, like how to put all the links and stuff and wich links should I put... Is it like basic html and css coding or can you even do html anywhere else than when you're writing stuff? I just feel so useless right now, and I'm so tired because I've had lots of exams this yar and now that it's summer I should have time to rest - but no - I have to study for my driving licence and take classes even during summer time...
So I hope you understand that I'm not just trying to gt easy with this, I just don't have all the time I needed.
Thank you all! :)

And by the way please add me as friend if you'd like, I'm new here as you can see and I'd love to have some friends here :)
kirsten dunst, window

Summer Colors

kristen bell (3)
kirsten dunst (6)
ellen pompeo (3)
emma watson (4)
keira knightley (2)
emma stone (3)

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Jun. 20th, 2011

never let me go, movie, book, kathy

Sweet Dreams

I'm still learning to use this :)

Never Let Me Go (6)
Sucker Punch (8)

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Jun. 9th, 2011

ellen pompeo, meredith grey, grey's anatomy, animation


Heyy everybody. This is my very first livejournal page in case you didn't know, but I have a website (Elsewhere @http://elsewhere-.webs.com). Feel free to check it out if you want to.
I'm from Finland so English is not my mother language but I think I can speak it pretty well :)
I like making fan art and that kind of things and I'll put them in this journal so you all can see them.
I hope I'll learn how to use Livejournal quickly and if you know anything that could help me getting started please tell me. All sort of help is highly appreciated :)
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